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John and Cindy McCain’s Wedding Day

John McCain first met Cindy Hensley at a military reception in Honolulu circa 1979, she of the Hensley Company, one of the largest Anheuser-Busche distributors in the US, he of the Hanoi Hilton, and on May 17, 1980, they took their vows of marriage.

Phoenix AZ was the city, nuptials were the answer, and with Sun in lusty Taurus, Moon in nurturing Cancer, their life’s voyage together officially began. Unlike the Clinton/Obama Sun–Moon pairings which square each other (90 degr), Earthy Taurus and Watery Cancer energies pleasantly sextile one another (60 degr.) Nice!

(Squares indicate more independence and more obstacles to be overcome for the Obama and Clinton marriages to thrive. John and Cindy may be more ‘in tune’ with one another’s male-female principles…so less ‘work’ on the relationship is needed.)

This is third in my series of Wedding Day Astrology, although McCain is the only candidate I could ‘do’ this for in a series all by himself–and perhaps I will (scroll just below for the Clinton and Obama wedding days.)

So let’s consider Sun Taurus–Moon Cancer to see if the transits on the day the McCain marriage began tell something about their relationship, for As Above, So Below, and the Sun (male), Moon (female) natures blend into one relationship on the day of saying, I Do.

First some general traits for this combination:

sensitive; the world is my family; fertile; tenacious; forceful and determined; strong desires; panache; artistic; energetic; enduring enthusiasm; independent; powerful; steadfastly ambitious; practical; loves action and enterprise; direct and forthright about calling a spade a spade (the passe “straight talk express”?); need for achievement; tripped up by uncontrolled passion and temper; can express infantile rage if pushed to the limit; untiring servant of the inner vision.

Weaknesses: may carry the world on shoulders; sensitivity to real or imagined slights; stubborn prejudices; a narrow approach to life; quarrelsome and may ride roughshod over others; self-centered; emotionalism turns into bullying.

Relationships: rational and sensible yet can act from totally emotional concerns, expressing outlandish beliefs and fantastic ideas which induce irrational behavior; romantic and loyal but can be domineering; generous and fun-loving but possessive and demanding; home is important and must be a haven for creative pursuits; charismatic; courageous and resilient; unswerving self-belief.

If we may take the feminine Moon to represent the wife in a wedding day chart, we see that the Moon was in Cancer for the entire 24-hour period of May 17, 1980, and in an obsessive-compulsive Quindecile aspect (165 degr) with Neptune, planet of negative escapism, aka drug addiction (including alcohol, the world’s most pervasive drug. Cindy McCain is chairman of the board of her family’s alcohol distributing company.

Moon QD Neptune: addictions, fantasy, and escapism prominent; idealistic and may become lost in one’s own world; artistic; emotional balance comes through spiritual insight. (‘Quindecile’ by Ricki Reeves.)

Well, Eros and his arrow of love certainly found his target for asteroid Eros is conjunct the Moon at sunrise on their wedding day. This picture seems to support John McCain’s focus on Cindy at their first meeting when he says he monopolized her attention and voila! they were  in love.

Perhaps you remember Mrs. McCain’s problems with opioid pain killer addiction a few years ago and I hope she has it licked. The Keating Five scandal also took a toll on her during that time for she was the bookkeeper who couldn’t seem to locate receipts (which sounds like the opposite of what bookkeepers do, doesn’t it? Neptune’s Veils!)

But–family to the rescue–an intervention was staged in 1992, so hopefully she’s on a better track which she apparently is hoping leads to the door of the White House where the Big Secrets are kept.

Me, I’m not so sure since White House tenures seem to bring out the worst and weakest in most people especially with all Washington’s inherent secrets and deceptions which are also provinces of Neptune. My best wishes go to Cindy if she finds herself so ensconced for temptations will abound in that power-corrupted world.

And with John McCain known for his explosive temper and sailor’s language, his Taurean side is fairly well-represented in the above details imho. For blowback’s sake, should another hothead’s finger be on The Button?

One more detail from their wedding day: Chiron (the wound; the blindspot; the key) was at 14Tau29–conjunct the US Inaugural Ascendant (the office of the president) each January 20 as the ‘winner’ pretends to take the oath to honor, protect, and defend the US Constitution. Will something about the McCain marriage hinder his political aspirations?

It’s his “servant of the inner vision” mentioned above which concerns me as the New World Order continues steamrolling over the common good, flattening in its wake decades of canon fodder in McCain’s “100 years in Iraq” vision…our children, grandchildren and THEIR grandchildren–if there’s a sovereign America remaining when the self-imagined ‘elites’ get done.

Well, you know that it’s in the nature of Taurus the Bull to bully, so I sincerely hope that our presidential election this November won’t be simply a changing of the bullies in Washington. “Riding roughshod over others” is how we got into this mess in the first place and Teddy R is long gone but his legacy is never forgotten.

Now here are the Images for Integration for the Sun Tau–Moon Cancer blend:

“A baker undertakes to feed an orphanage…Dr Spock teaching mothers how to bring up their children…Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake.’


Now whose romance to nose into next…perhaps the Bushs’ or the Cheneys’? Kind of a buh-bye…been bad to know ya….see-ya-wouldn’t-wanna-be-ya blurb?

~notes from ‘Sun Sign–Moon Sign’ by Chas & Suzi Harvey

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  2. […] White House occupants,Jude’s Threshold has a post on her Web site about the wedding day of John and Cindy McCain. They may very well be featured in April’s Star Guide to Weddings, because I couldn’t […]


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