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Life Passages: 2009’s Lunar Phases of the Candidates

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Moon Phases, (c) Unscene World 2008 by jude cowell

One thing of value in using the Sun-Moon phases from our Secondary Progressions is that an exact birth time–though good to have–is not critical for finding the Secondary Progressed stage of life (Sec.)

This Sec Moon Phase gives a general background of a person’s evolutionary stage, and for the presidential candidates I believe their phases for Jan 2009 are critical to an understanding of their possible presidencies.

I will be considering here Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee (with no particular order implied) from current into 2009.

Yes, the media has worked skillfully to make Huckabee seem a fifth wheel in this race, but I won’t be sure he’s dropping out (in spite of Romney’s advice and his lack of wins so far) until more evangelical voices are heard from the voting booths, so I include Huckabee in the mix.

The Secondary Progressions (Sec) are the Natal chart progressed a-year-for-a-day (degree) and relates to our evolutionary progress in life–you might wish to call them “passages.”

The Sec chart itself represents the physical plane and is the main chart used to see where one is now (or for whatever time period we to wish to investigate) in relation to the Natal chart which must always be included for a fuller picture because nothing occurs in Progressions which is not promised in the Natal chart. The Sec chart ‘issues’ from the Natal horoscope.

In Sec Lunar Phases, we look at the evolving angular relationship between the Sun and the Moon–>Sun = consciousness, Moon = unconsciousness; Sun = the adult, Moon = the child within. (There are some repetitions between the candidates’ phases to which I will refer you.)

Candidates’ Lunar Phases 2008 into 2009:

1. Hillary Clinton is in her Gibbous phase which began end of March 2006. This is the “ask Why?” phase and works toward clarification of socio-cultural issues with important goals in view; it is a time of devotion to a cause.

Then in August 2009, her Sec Full Moon will occur at 5Can15 (her exact birth time is in dispute which can affect an exact date but not degree) and this is conjunct US natal Jupiter at the “Gamebirds feathering their nests” degree.

The Full Moon phase is the culmination and fulfillment stage of life–the illumination stage when relationships mean everything (and there may have to be separations); concept becomes reality during this phase.

2. Barack Obama is in his 1st Quarter phase which began appr Oct 2005. This is the ‘crisis in action’ stage of life when willpower is strong. It is a time for forceful managerial activity and the essential drive is to build the framework that serves for objectivation of new social ideals and future relationships.

There is a sense of self-exaltation when faced with old, crumbling structures which may bring a ruthlessness for consolidating the new ideal.

March 2009 will mark his entry into the Gibbous Phase–for details see Clinton’s current phase mentioned above.

3. John McCain’s Sec Lunar Phase is now the 3rd quarter phase–the ‘crisis in consciouness’ stage and will be operative in Jan 2009. This is a period when issues are forced on the basis of principles which must be upheld at all costs; a sense of irony and humor are put in service for the cause. (And Eternal War and Chaos seem to be “the cause” near as I can tell.)

Then in Feb 2009 his Lunar Phase morphs into the Balsamic Phase which turns him toward the future and usually has some prophetic flavor to it. He feels possessed by a larger social destiny and is led by a superior power which infuses him with a fanaticism to reach the goal. (But the ‘superior power’ doesn’t have a comforting sound for those who prefer life and peace, does it? This is the “dark of the moon” phase.)

4. Beginning at the end of 2004, Mitt Romney’s Sec Lunar Phase remains the Disseminating phase, which is when one strives to demonstrate what one has learned or experienced. This is the ‘disseminator of ideas’  stage when one becomes a popularizer of what impressed most forcibly in study or life experience and is the ‘real crusader’ mentality when one can be lost in a fanatic cause–or be swayed by mass emotions.

Jan 2009 begins his 3rd quarter phase–see McCain’s 3rd quarter phase above.

5. Mike Huckabee entered the New Moon phase in Dec 2007. This is the subjective, emotional, and impulsive stage which produces a state of confusion with a tendency toward projecting one’s image upon others and upon the world stage. Life is lived as if it is but a dream or as a screen upon which to cast one’s image, either positively or negatively.

The negative side of this projection contains one’s shadow–the parts of the unconscious which we attempt to repress but they just keep popping up. People and events are met as symbols now, not as what they actually are. One’s ideals are impressed upon the world for this is the ‘subjective idealism’ phase.

Huckabee enters his Crescent Phase in Dec 2011, a stage of  challenging the old in an intense struggle. This gives an impulse for action which leads to self-assertiveness and a renewed faith in oneself. Usually this leads to an eagerness to overcome obstacles in carrying out an inwardly felt command or vital urge.

Negatively there can be a deep subconscious sense of being overwhelmed by the past mistakes–by karma and the power of ghosts of the past due to a failure to repolarize one’s capacity for personal and social relationships.

Well, there it is. This info doesn’t say who will win the brass ring in Nov 2008, only what we may expect from whoever may score the Oval Office, mere mouthpiece though they may be.

Fanaticism, social ideals, confusion, and ambition–there’re all found in the Lunar Phases of candidates who are, in spite of what they may imagine, only human like the rest of us. And tomorrow people in 24 states will speak out..I only hope all our votes are fairly counted.

You may wish to read my article on Super Tuesday’s planetary placements here:


(most Lunar Phase info from Rudhyar’s The Lunation Cycle.)


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