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Saturn and the Moon’s South Node

Her New Tatoo

drawing: Her New Taboo Tatoo

When transiting Saturn and the South Node of the Moon met up in October ’07 some mention was made of it at my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington.

But here are some general notes on the pairing of Saturn (separation; restriction principle; loss; lessons; denial; control; delay; responsibility; authority; accountability; form), and South Node (SN), a point of separation, past connections, talents and abilities; also has to do with inheritance and family entanglements…and on a psychological level, with neuroses–defensive behavior we developed which made sense at the time but now doesn’t give an appropriate result to our current situation and needs.

Like bashing our noggins against brick walls, falling back on habitual SN behavior is okay as a short respite but if we want better outcomes in our lives, we must change our behavior to match today’s reality. Easy to say, isn’t it?

Funny how we hear much of the “on the ground” phrase which is Saturnian to the nth degree…Saturn is form and substance, earth, soil, crust, skeletal systems, skin–anything that encases and enbounds. Why, without skin our goots would fall out all over the place.

Thanks, Saturn!

‘Cronos’ of olden times, Saturn was once The Boundary to our (known) solar system, a fact shifted greatly by William Hershcel’s discovery of Uranus (then known as Herschel–you can see why although they say that he didn’t ask for the notoriety. He was on to other things.)

It is through “Chronos”—chronology–that we directly see Saturn’s relation to Time and Time Keeping with a capital ‘T’…aka the grim reaper. Yet there are long-lasting rewards for long-term endeavor which are Saturn’s rewards to the faithful and dedicated.

And there’s Sabbath, Saturday–a 24-hour period of Time through which we may see Eternity…all the way back to the first 7th day. Its position in the sequence is sacred, not what you name the day. (The names they can monkey with but remove 7 and 8 falls flat along with the rest. Every seventh day is the Seventh Day.)

Saturn conjunct SN:

extreme limitations; rigid habits out of harmony with the prevailing culture’s methods and ideas;  isolation and seclusion; cooperation is the lesson; painstaking attention to detail as all external influences may be disregarded–esp in obscure fields; individualism achieves in a class by itself. (Sakoian, Astrologer’s Handbook.)

And depending on Saturn’s condition in your natal and progressed charts, perhaps this transit affecting the Collective is impacting your life just now…if so, write me! Your observations are most welcome at Jude’s Threshold.

For Saturn is the Guardian parked on the doorstep of everyone’s threshold after all…and he brings needed lessons to those he highly values.

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  1. Thank you for your answer Jude !
    I know it’s tricky, do you want me to send you my natal coordinats ?
    I realy appreciate your time and effort, need all help i can get with
    this astrojungle aspect 😉 Ciao

    Liked by 1 person


    January 19, 2009 at 3:34 am

  2. Hi Sha, thanks for your comment! I’d be asking for trouble to take this out of context from the full chart, but if your Part of Fortuna is conj SN/Saturn you have talents – probably from your paternal side – which will help you materially.

    Chiron/NN and Saturn/SN puts the Chiron/Saturn opposition on your Nodal axis – the Path – so Chiron opposing Saturn natally can indicate a humanitarian worker/healer and also involvement with new technologies.

    Not much info for you, but without seeing your entire chart (house-rulers, dispositors, aspects, etc) it’s all i can think of for the moment!

    Anyone else want to weigh in? jude



    January 18, 2009 at 11:20 pm

  3. Hello dear,
    i got the Saturn/SNode/POF conjunction scorpio 2.base
    opposite Chiron in Gemini/NNode 8. in my natal and
    need werry much help to put it in a perspective.
    Im particulary curious about this POF position . . .
    Apreciate !



    January 18, 2009 at 10:20 am

  4. Sasha,

    Your time and energy is appreciated.



    October 31, 2008 at 6:53 pm

  5. Nobe,

    I am not an astrologer so would not be of any help in reading your chart. Astrodienst (www.astro.com) allows you to create free charts and also provides limited daily aspect readings without having to sign up; however, if you sign up (free to do so) then you can save your info and also add other people’s info. They also have other short reports that you can access without paying, such as their Short Report Forecast which looks at major transits and gives their time frame and what to expect. I think that would be a good start to check out and browse to see what is available to you.

    Also, you can google certain transits, such as “Saturn transits”. There are a few sites out there that try to teach about astrology and provide decent info – http://www.cafeastrology.com and http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com are two websites that I have used for reference.



    October 31, 2008 at 4:43 am

  6. Understood.

    If it’s OK, may I e-mail my info? If so, where?



    October 31, 2008 at 3:43 am

  7. Nobe,
    Saturn would then be transiting your 5th which generally rules children. If you wanted to get pregnant, you might have trouble doing so. If you already have children, then you might have trouble relating to them or exerting discipline/control over them.

    Jude is correct, it is impossible to read a chart by one aspect as it depends on what planets are in a particular house or aspects that Saturn makes by transit to planets in other houses, especially the ruler of the house that Saturn is occupying. If Libra is on your 5th house cusp, then any aspects that Saturn makes to Venus might be particularly important.

    Example, if you had back pain, the doctor would initially look at your spine, but would also look at other things that could cause back pain. Example, gall bladder issues often cause pain in the shoulder area of the back – bizarre but true. One of the symptoms of colon cancer is lower back pain. Just like the body can’t be looked at body part by body part for a diagnosis, neither can a natal chart.



    October 31, 2008 at 3:26 am

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