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US Constitution, Ron Paul, and the Sex Pistols

US Constitution

Are We the People divided but not quite conquered? Or are we p-whipped ?

Here’s the natal chart of the US Constitution in case you’ve never seen it. If I’m posting this chart in memoriam, I’m going to be really po’d, and I’m fed up with powers undermining it, aren’t you? Oaths of Office taken with fingers-crossed-behind-back have gone sour.

Patrick Wood’s http://www.augustreview.com  is a great resource for getting the true picture of what’s going on, especially with economic issues such as the declining dollar and with the secretive North American Union plans.

And you’ve probably already read a bunch of Michael Ruppert’s articles at  http://www.fromthewilderness.com  concerning PROMIS, 9/11, the CIA-FBI, the Bush-Clinton juggernaut, Paul Wellstone’s assassination, and much more. They work So Hard to keep their sins hidden, so let’s not allow it. You know that Feb ’08 brings the Unmasking Eclipse!

This American ‘experiment’ isn’t over if We the People remember the original purpose and aspirations of America–and refuse to be divided from our Constitution and Bill of Rights. America has never been perfect, but this is ridicuous.

I grump about this stuff all the time on http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com 

(be warned!) and will continue to do so as long as possible.

So did you see Ron Paul on Jay Leno’s show last evening? He acquitted himself well thanks to his popular ideas for which received lots of applause, and said there’s a risk he might win. But who he would work with in Washington if he ends up in the White House? Because the nest of vipers would neutralize anything decent he tried to implement.

Talk about a big job! It’d be interesting to hear who he’d populate his cabinet with, wouldn’t it? He said again that we’d made a mistake going into Iraq and must come home (or words to that effect.) I couldn’t agree more.

But my favorite part of Leno’s show (because how often do you see the Sex Pistols perform on US tv? They sounded great!) was when Paul was given a “Hello Mr Paul” from the stage during “Anarchy” and then a cheeky bum wag…well, they did shake hands at the end with Leno saying, “Sex Pistols and Ron Paul…”

It was on the surreal side–and probably should be filed in the Only in America folder!

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