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Archive for October 17th, 2007

Awards, noms, gaggles, bully pulpits, and Venus-Astraea

Today’s Stars Over Washington post turned out to be a hodge-podge: just as I was prepared to post on Michael Mukasey’s confirmation hearings beginning today for US Attorney General, Bush cropped up on my tv screen with a press gaggle, aka a press ‘conference’:


Today’s Venus-ruled Sun in Libra (sign of the Scales of Justice) and Moon in Capricorn (sign of law, government, and business) combine to give us a couple of Images for Integration, taken from ‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ by Chas & Suzy Harvey:

“At the annual Christmas party, the chairman dresses up as Father Christmas and hands out new gold-engraved stationery…The Statue of Liberty.”

With today’s presentation of the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor to the Dalai Lama, and with our coppery Lady of Liberty (Venus) being under seige with Constitutional crises galore, and a politicized Justice Department, these Images seem quite applicable, don’t you think?

Venus and asteroid Astraea (goddess of law and justice) are currently conjunct authoritative Saturn, a planet also associated with law and government as ruler of Capricorn (and everyone knows a Cap Moon gives high ambitions!) so check out the above-linked post, if you wish.

Plus, transiting South Node (SN) is a point of separation, and this gaggle of Venus-Astraea-Saturn-SN crossed the MC Point over Washington just before Bush’s tv performance began (10:45 am edt)…MC (Midheaven), the highest point in any chart, represents Aspirations, Goals, Career, and Public Status.

With Saturn’s signifying Democrats in a national chart, the D-Party and Congress are in the mix somewhere as well…separation from or of a Democrat? Separating from the issues? Bush being separated from his authority? Dubya began his statement today with his usual scolding of Congress which was to be expected.

Thing is, our illusory two-party is just that–an illusion. I call it, Capitol Hill Theater, dahling.

Well, things aren’t looking so grand for America and her apparent fall from power (so says Putin, Bush’s former eye-gazing buddy)…click the above link for more details.

And add this nugget: Saturn and Neptune now dance in a Quindecile relationship–165 degrees, an aspect of obsession-compulsion. (The Quindecile, by Ricki Reeves, available at http://www.amazon.com)

Saturn’s authority QD Neptune’s idealism/illusions indicates that deception is present within societal leadership; dreams may become reality, compassion may merge with authority; rigid structures disappear, idealism dissolves old systems.#

This Saturn-Neptune aspect reminds me of the soon-upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition which will be evident in the 2008 election and operative for the Jan 20, 2008 Inauguration…Uranus = the Ideal; progress; Saturn = form; the traditional. Uranus is also: revolution and upheavals; Saturn: the establishment; the system.

Do you think Mukasey will reform (Uranus) the bedraggled Justice Department (Saturn) so we can recognize it again? That’s be good. We’ll see if he favors an independent (Uranus) DOJ (Saturn) as he purports to believe. The proof will be in the outcome.

Yes, New vs Old themes are already predominating the period and, of course, the Saturn-Uranus combo is linked with the Middle East and its outbreaks of violence and war. You can determine the worst times for violent outbreaks by Saturn-Uranus squares, oppositions, etc., with the opposition being the Culmination Phase issuing from their last conjunction–actually three exact line-ups from Feb–Oct, 1988, 27 to 30 Sagittarius, where Pluto sojourns now. This gives a midpoint picture of Saturn/Uranus being stimulated or triggerd by powerful, subversive Pluto…

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto:  upheaval to protect assets; tremendous fear of loss; rebellion at one’s lot in life; acts of violence and brutality; the desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts.

The earth groans under this load, doesn’t she? This is a worldwide influence.

Then there’s the information overload. Guess my habit of taking everything with a grain of salt needs updating to a salt mine of disbelief when it comes to political propaganda-catapultin’ and Campaign 2008!  

But it’ll be upon us before we know it, illusions in tow, to be sorted out as best we can. Don’t know about you, but I’m trying–I’m really trying.

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