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Uranian planet: the Hades of George Bush

Have you ever noticed that George Bush’s natal chart has the esoteric (unknown), extraordinary (Uranian connotations) hypothetical planet Hades conjunct his Midheaven?

As you know, the Midheaven (MC) is the most visible point in a chart, the ‘top of the heap’ as it were. It is the 10th house cusp which marks the beginning of the 10th house of Public Status, Career, and Aspirations, and is the WHY? Point of the chart as well.

The rising sign and degree is the WHAT? Point–the entity, personage, or event that entered the flux of time and space at the moment of birth. Also called the Ascendant, this is symbolically the horizon point and represents the persona–how you see the world and how the world sees you.

Bush’s natal chart (July 6, 1946) has 7Leo07 rising with the Sabian Symbol for “8Leo” being, “A bolshevik propagandist.”

His MC has 24Aries13 upon it, “25Ari”: “A double promise reveals its inner and outer meaning.”

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, in his book, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, gives the unconscious/shadow side of this degree as: “compromising sincerity and a lean to chicanery in all human relationships.” 

Chicanery–now there’s an antiquated word you don’t hear much any more but we sure do suffer from the perpetration of it, don’t we? Especially from public figures because the MC Point is very important in a leader’s chart and tells much about his Aspirations and Goals.

But back to Hades–well let’s not actually go there if we can help it.

What does it mean to have a body/planet so near MC as Hades (25Ari37) is in Bush’s natal chart? It means that Hades can manifest through 10th house concerns and activities and influences his life goals (especially since they are both in Aries which is ruled by Mars, god of war.)

And that others “see” it as being part of his life’s objectives.

Here are the keywords for Hades that I’m aware of–perhaps you know a few more:

A Scorpio quality primarily with a Virgo flavor which adds framentation; Greek god Hades or Pluto, ruling the underworld; the hidden, debris or unpleasant things; analysis, breaking down into constituent parts; antiquity, ancient or primitive cultures (looting of the museum in Iraq?); jazz, Astrology; Archaelogy; studying the distant past; things that are ‘used’; recycling (he certainly likes to cycle and recyle!); karma.

Funny but I’ve never seen him as a jazzman, have you?

Hades info: New Insights into Astrology, Nona Gwynn Press

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  1. lol! Hades is also ‘Astrology’ and other hidden subjects so you and Bush ought to be good there – and motive is everything… ;p



    September 1, 2008 at 1:10 am

  2. Jude, googled the phrase ‘Hades conjunct Midheaven’ and found this link to your site. The reason I googled was that I have the same aspect in my chart (MC 11.03 Taurus/Hades 11.0 Taurus). Would you view me in the same category as Bush?



    September 1, 2008 at 1:08 am

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