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Solar Eclipse Series: 1989 = 2007

As you know, a Solar Eclipse Series repeats in 18.6 year cycles. Some of the same issues may repeat as well because history really does…you know, repeat. Not everything is the same, of course…that would be weird like that Bill Murray film, ‘Ground Hog Day.’

You don’t want that.

But similar issues come around for further ‘work’ with Eclipse cycles and we may find ourselves dealing with problems from the past…from about 18 or 19 years ago.

2007’s two Solar Eclipse Series are repetitions of the ones that occurred in the year 1989, so if you were around then–or know someone who was–consider what you/they were dealing with way back then.

Solar Eclipses of 1989:

March 7: at 17 Pisces–the degree where disruptive, rebellious, yet original Uranus has been hanging out in 2007. Uranus is the planet of lightening, and other sudden events and has been setting fires all over the place. If you need a sudden trigger, then Uranus is your main culprit. This can also relate to EMs–electromagnetic weapons which can take down airplanes, and–who knows?–trigger other sorts of disasters as well.

This is interesting because this Eclipse Series (9 New North)–repeated on March 19, 2007, at 28 Pisces (and Uranus hasn’t reached that far into Pisces as of yet. But that’s okay–this one’s been upsetting and violent enough already, hasn’t it? Floods included.)

The 9NNorth Series is very physically expressive (Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady) and may encourage accidents, violence, or other sudden physical calamities. Its date of origin is August 21, 1664 at 29 Leo–which is where Saturn approaches by the end of August and into September.

Planets can come along and trigger an Eclipse degree, of course, yet Saturn has the ability to “turn it off” even though Eclipse degrees remain sensitive through the centuries to the transits of planets and points.

One assumes it is Saturn’s restriction principle that does the turning off–that and his association with endings.

If this theory is true, it’d be nice to think that the King of Alarm Eclipse of August 11, 1999 (which was predicted by seer and astrologer, Nostradamus) has been “turned off” by Saturn’s visits to the 18-19 Leo degrees in 2006.  Somehow I think not especially considering the continued use of terror and fear perpetrated by our leerless feaders in order to control the masses!

Another way an Eclipse degree’s influence may be softened, if not actually ended, is by the effects of the next Eclipse, and in the case of 1989/2007, that would be the 9 New South of August 31, 1989 at 8 Virgo.

2007’s manifestation of the 9NSouth Series will be occurring on September 11 at 18Virgo.

The expression of 9NSouth Eclipses would be: 

longterm worries about loved ones, health, paperwork or communications issues are brought to the surface. Responsibilities in the paperwork department (which would include emails, Washington!) may “come home to roost.” Any news received could have a sense of fatedness or destiny about it.

How any of this affects YOU would depend on where these Eclipses fall within your charts whether natal, progressed, or Return charts…and also on the Eclipse degree’s aspects to planets, points, and angles. Rulership/dispositorship must be considered as well for a complete analysis but this isn’t the place for that.

Now with George Bush’s revelation today that he was treated for Lyme Disease last year–and with his recent and repeated surgery for polyp removal, it could be that we’ll be hearing more about his health before the end of 2007–especially since Virgo is the sign of health (and rules the gut where most of our immune defense resides.) This Virgoan health connection may make the effects of the 9NSouth Series manifest more strongly.

Bush’s Secondary Chart:

18Virgo = Bush’s Secondary Progressed Ascendant for 2007–and the Secondaries, as I shorthandedly call them–represent the Physical Plane. This ASC degree would be when his chart is relocated to the White House.

The 9NSouth Series began on July 19, 1917 at 26 Cancer (the degree of Bush’s natal Saturn which is in the 12th house of hospitals, zoos, and prisons. He may be onboard for either one!)

Plus, this very month, the transiting Mars/Saturn midpoint is conjunct his natal Sun which is the ‘vitality’ so we see this midpoint picture (all, or any combo):

Mars/Saturn = Sun: possible health or physical threat; breaking down under stress and strain; eking it out; the sense of loss; lowered vitality.

Well, I didn’t mean to vere into Bush health concerns with this post, and I’m surely not wishing this stuff on him, but the news today about his Lyme Disease popped up again on my TV tonight so I added it in. 

So if you wonder where in your natal chart these Eclipses fall, get a free chart done (correct birth time needed, plus place and date, of course)  if you don’t already have one so that you can be aware, if need be.

http://www.astrodienst.com  still has their freebie natal chart offer, last I heard.

Just remember–deleted emails never really go away–unless you’re a shifty, sidewindin’ politician! And maybe not even then…

Written by Jude Cowell

August 9, 2007 at 3:28 am

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