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hidden symbols of Harry Potter

Sirius’ symbol      

Symbol of Sirius, the Dog Star, worshipped in ancient Egypt; also called, the Nile Star.

Harry Potter has turned up again in The Scotsman:

http://news.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1201052007 has an interesting article about an upcoming conference (of grown-ups!) who are intent on figuring out hidden symbols and deeper meanings in J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

Wish I had that kind of leisure time and nuthin’ else to do!

But I suppose the ‘Sirius Black’ character is worthy of study because of Fixed Star, Sirius, the Dog Star’s symbolism and importance through the ages…and changing into a dog did seem to help him in the plotline, didn’t it?

Fixed Star, Sirius (Canis Major) has keywords: ‘the fires of immortality’ (‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.’)

Constellation, Canis Major, the Big Dog, and Canis Minor, are the two dogs of Orion, the Hunter. In the sky they are chasing Lepus, the hare, and are harassing Taurus, the mighty bull.

Anciently and in Christian mythology, Sirius represents the guarding quality of a dog along with a judging flavor such as St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Faithfulness is thus an integral quality as well, and the announcing or heralding function relates to the annual life-giving floods by the River Nile which brought agricultural largess and hot weather, yet was thought to cause the madness of rabies in dogs.

Alternate names for Sirius are “The Scorcher” and “The Shining One” and the star’s risings and settings were so regularly recorded in ancient Egypt that they formed the basis of their calendar. The dog symbol may be seen all through Egyptian hieroglyphics, suggesting the star’s religious and cultural importance.

The measly rendition you see above is the symbol for the goddess, Sirius Isis. The goddess Isis was the wife of Osiris (constellation Orion.)

In a natal chart, a connection to Sirius indicates ‘great deeds’ when the mundane (ordinary) becomes sacred. It shows where a small act can have a larger effect on the collective. The individual may be sacrificed to the collective, and/or may gain fame and glory.

This blast of energy can burn you or help you achieve levels that seem to be impossible. Sirius may bring immortality on its bearer, but the price may be the burning away of mortal flesh.

Case In Point:

In early August, 1945, Pluto and Sirius arose together. During this time, Hiroshima nd Nagasaki were seared by nuclear attacks as ordered by President Truman (and whoever commanded him that it was the only course – puh!)

Since 1776, Sirius has been linked with the natal Sun in the US chart (13Cancer+), and in a national chart, Sun signifies ‘the leader.’ Thousands had their flesh burned away, and the horrendous results reverberate through the decades, as indeed they will forever, as long as this incarnation of our Earth endures.

(I love America dearly, but she hasn’t always been on the side of good, in spite of justifications given for dropping nuclear bombs upon innocent people. You may disagree, or think that ‘collateral damage’ is dandy fine as long as it isn’t you or your loved ones, but this is how I roll on the subject…ends do NOT justify means, and an ‘eternal flame’ on a memorial doesn’t improve the deed – for the victims, their families, or descendants)

So, in a natal chart with a planet connected to Sirius, you may gain far more than is usually expected. But Sirius energy is not easy to manage for it demands expression somehow in your life, and the huge success it can bring may ‘burn’ you in some way.

Two ‘immortals’ with Sirius linked to their natal planets are Abraham Lincoln and Princess Diana, whose life stories with great achievements but tragic ends, tell the story of the burning rays of Sirius.

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