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Beatles concert of the Mystic Rectangle

http://starsoverwashington.blogspot.com/2007/06/mystic-rectangle-and-beatles-concert.html  has the concert’s chart.

August 18, 1965, Atlanta, Georgia, 8:15 pm edt…I finally saw the Beatles in concert.

After hanging on to my ticket for their Jacksonville, FL concert (my parents nixed my attendance two years prior much to my heartbreak) a girlfriend and I happily enjoyed the Beatles concert at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium on a hot August evening.

What a surprise to find that our seats on the aisle were immediately in front of the stage–even though the stage was in the middle of a grassy expanse–still our seats were 3rd row but behind one of the baseball dugout roofs.

No matter–we had made a sacred pact not to utter so much as a whisper once we took our seats for we figured that the screams of everyone else in the audience would make it difficult enough to hear each note and precious utterance–and we were correct.

It was synchronicitous that our row contained a family–mom, dad, and three kids, who decided during the last song (sung by Paul) to leave before traffic jammed the parking lot. The two seats directly in front of us and the two behind were occupied by ushers who also left for their ‘ushing’ duties during the last song.

This left Becca and myself in Paul’s line of sight and standing out no doubt–not the least of which because we had kept mum and attempted to Listen to Them throughout the concert as each chord and lyric bounced and echoed about above our heads while we strained to catch them as best we could.

Soon after this concert series the Beatles gave up touring for no one could hear them anyway–they couldn’t hear themselves, they said. (I’d have to agree from experience.)

And so what did I do when I found myself as face-to-face with Paul McCartney as I was ever likely to be?

I made a sign–a quick head bob to the right, then to the left–and what did the very famous in-another-world musician who was singing the last tune do? He answered back in kind.

Now Paul would never remember his response to a long-haired young girl who only wanted to see and hear their every sound and word that night, but as you can tell, I always have!

As we left the stadium, Becca was not so thrilled when I told her about Pauls’s and my mutual signals–in fact she barely spoke to me ever again. Probably because she didn’t think of doing it, I imagine. How dare I?  😉

In the concert’s chart is a rare Saturn/Chiron pairing (cycle appr 147 years, more or less) occurring in musical, artsy, mystical, spiritual (and perhaps stoned or drunk) Pisces. (My own flirtation with such substances was yet-to-be in the future!)

Saturn/Chiron = letting go the ‘law of the father’–certainly one of the signatures of the times with its great stress on parental/child relationships breaking down trust in the older generation (Flower Children: “never trust anyone over 30” was one of our mantras! Or how about, All You Need Is Love? Then there’s: Make Love Not War–wish we still had that one going.)

The other signature of the mid-60s is the Great Uranus/Pluto hook-up (cycle of appr 127 years) which was not yet exact that evening. Creative genius Uranus intensifies (and electrifies guitars), and Pluto deepens, transforms, and brings along hidden psychologial issues–and also relates to sex, death, and the occult.  

Uran/Pluto = revolution…John’s Revolution #9  would become a prime musical example.

Their exact (partile) conjunctions occurred three times due to retrogradation:

1. Oct 9, 1965 (17Vir10); 2. Apr 4, 1966 (16Vir28–Rx); and 3. June 30, 1966 (16Vir06.)

The Atlanta concert occurred within the 3North Solar Eclipse Series  (May 30, 1965) which has an over-excessive flavor to it–Bernadette Brady, in her Predictive Astrology,  says it involves news that concerns young people–news that transforms a situation (tour dates in America?), obsessions or worries with a desire to put forward large plans which will be successful as long as things are kept under control.

That must’ve been difficult considering their screaming hordes of fans and their own out-of-bounds behaviors.

Hopefully you can view the chart well enough to see the Mystic Rectangle formed between Moon, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune.

There’s nebulous Neptune (inspiration; illusion; film and photography; veils; the silver screen) square Saturn of form and function fame. This pair is often present when music or art are prevalent–putting Neptunian inspiration into Saturnian form.

The Moon relates to publicity, popularity, the public, the collective, and to changes and fluctuations…popularity and fame are often fleeting, aren’t they?

But what is a Mystic Rectangle configuration?

Bil Tierney’s Dynamics of Aspect Analysis gives one of the few interpretations you’ll find for this difficult-to-understand closed-circuit pattern of energies with the lovely name.

Basically it indicates “practical mysticism” and was introduced by Dane Rudhyar in his brilliant book, The Astrology of Personality.

This pattern contains two potentially awareness-revealing, illuminating oppositions that can reach ideal or inspired fruition (from the trine influence) bwo innovative, intelligent use of energies (the sextile influence.) 

The usual disharmony of the opposition is aided by the beneficent trines and sextiles which help integrate the opposing energies. Thus discord or conflict may stimulate and encourage toward satisfying resolutions–the trines and sextiles neutralize the stalemating impasses so common with oppositions and productive activity is more likely when the insight and intuition of the Mystic Rectangle is practically utilized.

Much depends on one’s level of awareness with such a configuration but I think it’s safe to say that the Beatles–all four of them–were quite aware, thank you!

Since I don’t remember precisely how long the concert lasted I decided to advance the chart to a probable time and found that the 00Ari/Lib-00Can/Cap axis (where world events tend to manifest) were on the chart’s angles at 9:50 pm.

And because Paul’s signaled response to me occurred during the last song, it seemed appropriate to use 9:50 pm…rising was “1Aries”, Sabian Symbol: “A woman rises out of the ocean, a seal embraces her.”

Now that’s ‘seal’ not ‘walrus’ but close enough!

An ‘ocean’ relates to the collective unconscious or to the public…the masses.  The Moon = a woman (I’m calling this one for moi!)

And what about the Sun-Moon personality blend’s Images for Integration? (Charles and Suzi Harvey, Sun Sign-Moon Sign.)

Sun Leo/Moon Taurus:  “Old King Cole was merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he; he called for his pipe and he called for his bowl, and he called for his fiddlers three…Pygmalion, My Fair Lady, Eliza Doolittle is transformed into a duchess.”

It was amusing to find the reference to Old King Cole since I’m of the Cole-Coel-Cowell-Kyle clan (and the ‘pipe’ is of the musical variety–or is it? the ‘bowl’? you decide…they Were the Beatles after all.)

But Eliza at her transformation could not have felt more of a “duchess” than I felt that night so many moons ago, lost in the sea of the masses–thanks to Paul McCartney who with such a small action lifted the spirits of a devoted fan who simply came to hear the music.

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