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Full Moon May 31: An Ape Riding a Wolf

When I blog at Stars Over Washington, I often set charts for the White House or for our Capitol Building. The upcoming Full Moon of May 31 perfects at 9:03:38 pm edt (White House) with the Moon positioned at 10Sag12 (Sun 10Gem12.)

Using a rather unusual book, The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, by Adriano Carelli, we find an interesting word picture or symbol for “11Sag” which relates to the beginnning of the New Millenium’s troubles the world now shares: “An ape riding a wolf.”

At the risk of miffing Master Carelli, I shall quote him here:

This degree will favor a military and political career. It confers all the virtues of a noble and fearless heart and all the vices of a sly, dissembling and unscrupulous mind.  The native is glib enough to defend the noblest cause, resorting to the underhand tricks employed to bolster up a forged and exploded cause. Strong favorable aspects would strike off the craftiness, whereas concurrence of evil features may taint the nobility of the cause.

The native will win many friends and make many enemies; and his life, after seeing him through many perils, may have a sudden end. 

Well you know what I’m thinking–“forged” (yellowcake papers from Italy) and “exploded cause” (mushroom clouds; Saddam has WMD, etc) so you can be sure I’m pondering our “1% Gang” in the White House and Pentagon, and wherever else they may lurk within their state-of-the-art bunkers.

Now you know that a Full Moon is the culmination of things or events begun at the New Moon two weeks earlier, so issues from that time will be on the front burner by the end of this week and for at least two weeks after (until the next New Moon)–with a highlighting or exposure of them in the rays of the Full Moon (the Sun generally spotlights while the Moon reflectively highlights.)

An interesting fact about “11Sag” relates intimately to the New Millenium–that the conjunction of Pluto (power-behind-the throne; the dragon guarding the riches; transformation; atomic power; death) and asteroid/comet/planatoid Chiron (the Wounded or the Wounder; the blindspot) at “11Sag” encourages the increase of totalitarianism we’re experiencing. Having a Full Moon now triggering this forever-sensitized degree stirs the plutocratic pot with a big totalitarian stick.

Did you know that Sybil Leek wrote that totalitarianism goes on the march when the earth is in one of her heating-up phases? Global warming, as we now call it. Touche, Ms. Leek, you called it!

Plutocracy increases, men ‘run away run away’ as fast as they can:

Dec 30, 1999 was the Pluto/Chiron conjunction, and the midpoint of their blended energies = oppression; class warfare; racism; violence, plutocracy, among other nasty things. 

It is my belief that Dec 30, 1999 helped to usher in the New Millenium–unfortunate for all but the holier-than-thou ‘elite’ rulers who monkey with other people’s lives as if they were mere pawns on life’s chessboard.

Also in 1999 we witnessed the grand “King of Alarm” Solar Eclipse prophesied by the far-sighted Nostradamus, for Aug 11, 1999….the “mother of all eclipses” and as you already know, vengeful Venus triggered this Eclipse degree on 9/11/01, so there ya go.

This Eclipse relates to Revelation’s oxen, lion, eagle, and angel…astrologically the mid-degrees of the Fixed Signs which held difficult planets at the 1999 Eclipse.

Then we have the stalemate between Saturn/Neptune’s current opposition (truth vs deception) boosting the anti…and the confusions of propaganda. This opposition will be exact (partile) once more on June 25, 2007, and is affecting oil and gas supplies, natural disasters, and…Art! (Neptune = inspiration, Saturn = form…putting inspiration into form, and I attempt to do this daily and then publish the outcome for you to enjoy.)

Natural disasters…how so? Saturn is earth and soil, Neptune is water, oil, gas…in a word, liquids (including alcoholic beverages.) And water is in short supply all over the globe with drought conditions in the US and elsewhere…not good, m’peops. Plus, Neptune’s water dissolves Saturn’s earth–and we get mud, mudslides, volcanoes, quakes, and such.

You could say, the earth she’s not happy, but of course we know that other chart factors play in–the sudden events and lightening bolts of Uranus, plus the action principle of Mars, to name two.

Back to Pluto/Chiron, the dynamic duo:

Another key date is when Pluto and Chiron were ‘parallel’–a timing device having a conjunction connotation which some (moi) think is stronger than an actual conjunction…their parallel occurred over two days, Aug 15-16, 2004, a busy year for our self-styled “war president.”

On Aug 15 a New Moon occurred 9:23 pm edt (White House) at “23Leo”…quoting in part from Carelli:

“Janus, the two-faced god”: (As everyone knows, Janus’ temple, shut in peacetime, was opened in time of war, that the god might go thence and lead the army to victory.)

This is the great war leaders’ degree, although it does make not only the warriors but the authors of doctrines as well; the trailblazers of new thoughts  and sciences, the legendary founders of traditions.

Pshaw! “Two-faced” in Washington? I should say so…they call it Politics, don’t they? You may disagree, but I think the “Bush Doctrine” s*cks.

Back to the Full Moon of May 31 for I suppose the Sun’s degree opposite, “11Gem” deserves equal time:

“An eagle feeding her three eaglets”:

In some senses a superior, but in any event an uncommon (degree), being gifted with a mystifying and nearly prophetic insight. A commanding person, apt to take advantage of his strength, very fond of his family, but sensuous, despotical, unscrupulous, craving travel and adventure and forever unsatisfied with surroundings he deems unworthy of himself.

He may make a great deal of money, especially in the field of arbitrage on a large scale, but is not steady, and his restless urge to be ever off and out will let many a good chance, passing close to him, escape his notice altogether in spite of his grasping nature.

Exile cannot be ruled out.

Woo! American eagle? Sounds like Washington to me but I certainly wouldn’t rule out the rest of the world’s arrogant, underhanded politicians, would you? We may expect more world leaders-in-their-own-minds to step down or be deposed during the summer months.

Now (at last!) on to something a bit more jolly…awhile back a certain very famous astrologer read my chart and informed me that although I had art talent ‘and’ astrological abilities, I would never be able to combine the two or follow them both. Hmmph!

Then another very famous *astrologer told me later on that that was silly–of course I would combine them and there was no reason to short one or the other.

Now both these sessions were after 2000, but well before I began my online Art Galleries (June 2005) or my Political Astrology blog (Oct 2005.)

So in a spirit of combining all three of my interests I hereby point you to http://cosmicpersonadesigns.blogspot.com/2007/05/vesta-reclines.html where I discuss the asteroid, Vesta, and her mythical implications for she is associated with security issues in a national chart, and with some sacred things in a personal horoscope…and was goddess of the hearth and is the archetypal Vestal Virgin from ancient times.

Vesta Reclines is a somewhat racy drawing which I hope you’ll manage to enjoy viewing as Art meets Astrology with a Political flavor…and no one is unduly harmed in the process!

Visit *Erin at: http://www.erinsullivan.com


Written by Jude Cowell

May 28, 2007 at 8:39 pm

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  1. Agreed, Marilyn, and thanks for commenting!

    It’s all Greek Tragedy to me–fortunately with some Comedy tossed in–planets as archetypal actors in the performances We-the-People are rigorously subjected to…quite a charade.

    Rev Wright seems to be performing his role on behalf of the Feb ’08 ‘Unmasking’ Eclipse–and says that if Obama wins come Nov 5, he’s “coming after” him?

    Does a boogyman come with that order? ;p

    Whew! wish my creaky isp could keep up with everything…there’s so much I could post on.




    April 29, 2008 at 10:36 pm

  2. You say not to vote for McCain if you want more of Bush’s policies. Well Hillary is in the same boat too,

    The people that pull the strings (illuninate) in our country have bought both of them and are playing to win on either side. It is not the party to win, but an independant that is not part of the political Washington gang with the power behind the throne.

    Ron Paul or Kuncinich are not in the game for tranny and oppression.


    Marilyn Redmond

    April 29, 2008 at 8:20 pm

  3. Thanks, Allan, I appreciate your visit and your comment.

    Wondering if you’ve ever used astrology in your psych work?




    June 2, 2007 at 1:16 am

  4. Stumbled across your site. As an artist-turned-psychologist/writer, I found it lovely, intelligent and spiritually and artistically appealing.

    I can easily lose myself in your artwork.

    Will be back.



    May 31, 2007 at 5:37 pm

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